Delicate Beauty
Growing up shouldn't be as difficult and confusing as it is.

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{ Indie BW Crossdresser!Touya blog - journey in progress }

Trying to be who you want to be shouldn't be so difficult, but it is. Trying to be confident about who you are isn't as simple as you want. But, at least you can keep on trying.

For the first time in what felt like far too long, Touichi was out wearing a dress. He still hadn’t been able to find his usual dresses and clothes - but the large collection of clothes that he had been given by Touya more than made up for it, and once again, he found himself being able to wear cute clothes while going outside - a welcomed relief.

Despite the constant fear of being recognized or someone realizing that he was a boy, Touichi still felt a little more comfortable when he had the chance of wandering around in a dress. It felt like he had the chance of hiding behind yet another barrier, hide himself by showing more of his personality, and it was unbelievably relieving to be able to do that.

Humming to himself, Touichi ran his fingers through the soft fabric, making sure it was well fitted and adjusted as he walked with a light bounce on his step. It seemed like it had been far too long since he had been in this high spirits, and he planned on enjoying it as much as he could.